Cats22 Menu

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cat care and that's especially true come meal time. We offer a range of mouth-watering gourmet food fit for any table but if your pet has special tastes then please give us a call on 01844 201675

We stock a range of proprietary wet and dry cat food but as an added treat, you can add something from the gourmet menu.

Gourmet Menu (£3/Dish)

Sunday Roast – roast fillet of chicken

Poached chicken – ideal for felines who are watching their weight

Juicy pan-seared prawns

Flaked tuna in delicious fresh spring water

Seafood Medley – juicy prawns, poached salmon and flaked tuna – for the feline who wants it all!

Bedtime Butler (£2)

Warm kitty milk served with your choice of Dreamies or treat sticks