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Cats22 - A Clean Comfortable Cattery

At Cats22, we offer safe, clean, warm accommodation for your cat while you’re away. Located in Long Crendon on the Bucks/Oxfordshire border conveniently located for Aylesbury, Thame and Bicester, we treat cats like the individuals they are, providing them with exercise, entertainment and engagement so that they stay active and healthy.

Much more than just a cattery, we cater for one-night stays, holidays and long-term care, and have a variety of additional options for you to choose from should you wish to make your pet’s stay even more luxurious.

Friendly Faces

Cats22 is a small friendly cattery able to provide a more personal service to you and your cat. Our size means we give your pet all the attention it needs to feel comfortable and secure. It also means we're able to tailor our service to meet most needs that you or your cat may have.

Fantastic Facilities

Our modern chalets are a home from home for your cat and large enough to accommodate up to four from a household. We provide toys and space to explore so they feel relaxed and content leaving you safe in the knowledge your cat is enjoying themselves as much as you while you’re away.

Superb Service

We tailor our service to the needs of you and your cat. From comfortable “bed and board” to luxury experience tuned to your cat's personality. Daily grooming, Diets, Medication and even Skype calls can all be accommodated so talk to us about anything you need - it's probably possible.

Just A Whisker Away

Cats22 is based in the village of Long Crendon, just outside Thame and close to M40 junction 7. We're 20 minutes from Aylesbury, Bicester and Oxford and we can also arrange local collection if more convenient. Check out our contact details for directions.

Blog Articles

We've just put the final touches to our facilities and got our final sign offs and certifications and now we're open for business in and around Aylesbury, Thame, Oxford and Bicester.

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